Boggess Bengals

Thank you for visiting the Boggess Elementary PTA’s Watch DOGS website.  The Watch DOGS program is an international program that gets dads (or other father figures) involved in schools.  We are pleased that the school and the Boggess PTA support the program every year.   We encourage you to become involved in Watch DOGS by signing up for a day.

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This website is specific to the Watch DOGS program at Boggess Elementary.  If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities at the school, please visit the Boggess Elementary Membership Toolkit website for additional information.


All Fathers and special male persons of Boggess students are invited to sign up to spend at least one day this year volunteering and serving as a positive male role model at the school.

This will help increase a sense of security at the school and allow the Dads to engage in various activities such as welcoming students before school, reading to classes, tutoring small groups of students, interacting with the kids during recess, and having lunch with the kids.

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